Anna Valerious
Anna Valerious as Selena
Biological information
Born December 21st, 1667
Also known as Anne
  • Selena
  • Angel of Darkness
Title(s) Outcast
Physical information
Gender Female
Race Metavamp (Mutant vampire)
Hair colour Black
Eye colour Black
Family information
Family member(s) Daeron Valerious (father)
  • Aranlimiel Calmcacil-Valerious (mother, deceased)
  • Velkan Valerious (brother)
  • Delilah Whitkney (adopted sister)
  • Gaius Calmcacil (godfather)
  • Bruce Mackenzie (husband)
  • James Mackenzie (brother-in-law)
  • Terrance Mackenzie (son)
  • Suri Mackenzie (daughter)
Weapon(s) owned Blades of the Creator
  • Sword
  • Gun
Affiliation The Immortals
Known abilities Telepathy, Telekinesis
Behind the scenes
First appearance Virginia: The Gentle Queen (mentioned)
  • The Traitor Princess
Last appearance The Immortals
Portrayed by Kate Beckinsale

Anna Valerious (1687-1845) was the younger member of the Immortals and the host of the feared mutant Selena who's powers had no limits. She was murdered in 1845 by Ethan Jones.

Early lifeEdit

"Before I was even Barbara Gordon, I had another identity, another name, another... self. I was brough to life in a world where people feared everything. Feared hunger, feared life, feared death itself. Our land was ruled by a man, my family's sworn enemy. I had stood by helplessly as he drained the life out of my mother, watched him as he haunted my family, turned my brother into a creature of the moon. A werewolf. The last time I fought him was in his castle almost 200 years ago. I know I could of killed Dracula but I didn't. That mistake cost me my mortal soul. Dracula took my soul straight from me, bit me and made me like him. The hunter became the hunted. The vampire slayer became the vampire. Anna became Selena."

-Anna to her husband Bruce about how she became a vampire.

Anna Valerious (later Barbara) was the first and only daughter of Sir Daeron Valerious, an immortal human, and his wife Aranlimiel Calmcacil-Valerious, a vampire. She was born on December of 1667 in the Northlands. Anna was the younger sister of Velkan Valerious, a known werewolf.

Anna and her family lived near the city of Egyed, the Northlands where her father was a weathly land owner and lord.