Ethan Jones
Biological information
Born Unknown. Ethan was born on an unknown planet but was first seen as a little baby on November 15, 1284 in the Egyed, Northlands area. This date is the most current date of his birth.
Also known as Jones
Title(s) Commonner
  • Outcast
  • Lord. Later after Bess' death, Ethan lost his title as "Lord" and once again became an outcast
Physical information
Gender Male
Race Unknown
Hair colour Black
Eye colour Dark brown
Family information
Family member(s) Unknown parents
  • Charles Jones (adopted father)
  • Mary Jones (adopted mother)
  • Thomas, Margaret, Nathan, Samuel, William and Gwenevere Hunt (adopted younger relatives)
  • Gaius (adopted uncle)
  • Elizabeth Anderson (wife, divorced)
  • Thomas James Anderson (son)
  • Michael Ethan Jones (son)
  • Zoe Angela Jones (daughter)
  • Lady Bess (wife, deceased)
  • William Ethan Jones (son)
  • Catherine Elizabeth Jones (daughter)
  • Christopher Jones (illegitimate son with Delilah Whitkney)
Weapon(s) owned Sword
Affiliation The Immortals
Known abilities Magic
Behind the scenes
First appearance The Beckett's
Last appearance The Immortals
Portrayed by Keanu Reeves

Ethan Matthew Jones (1284-1925) was a member of an unidentified species that possesed a number of talented abilities but because it is unknown what Ethan was, his real name and date of birth remain a mystery. Ethan was oldest member of the Immortals, a group of outcasts and the sworn enemy of King Louis the Second and the widowed husband of Lady Bess, a maid to Queen Katherina Florence of the Eastern Kingdom.