James Brandon
James Brandon

Full name:

James Eric Brandon


September, 1772?






Captain William Brandon (father), unnamed mother, Liev Brandon (older brother)

Portrayed by:

Daniel Craig

James Eric Brandon (September, 1772?-1799) was the son of the feared pirate William Brandon, captain of the Ruby and an ally of Trinity Beckett since she rescued him out of prison. Both James and his father were executed in T'Harlum City for treason when it was though they were planning to overthrow King John Beckett and put Trinity on the throne.

Early lifeEdit

James Eric Brandon was born in 1772 to William Brandon and his wife whom died on the pirate ship, the Ruby, giving birth to her son. He was the younger brother of Liev Brandon, a known criminal.
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The Brandon brothers

Trinity BeckettEdit

In 1789 when James was in the city of T'Harlum, he was caught by James Mackenzie and his men stealing food for his father and his crew. Charged with theft, James was brought to prison where he was to wait to be traid by the royal council. During his time in prison, James befriended the young princess of the Eastern Kingdom, Trinity Beckett. Close to the young princess whom seemed interested in his life at sea, Trinity helped James escape form prison but though James escaped safely, Trinity did not.

When Trinity was dishonoured, James pursued his father to let Trinity come with him. History says that James felt guilty that he had been able to get to safety while the princess had risked her life to help him and suffered from it greatly. Together with Trinity, James and his father set out and sailed the seas. James seemed to be very much attraced to the young princess whom quicky learned to love the life he and his father had at sea. It was said that James had fallen madly in love with her as he became very protective over her, never allowing Trinity go set foot on land if he not with him or even go anywhere if he was not in arms length away from her.


In 1796, James Mackenzie found the pirate ship as it lay in the harbour of Port Town that bordered the sea in the Eastern Kingdom. James Brandon, his father and brother were arrested on charges of treason and kidnapping a member of the royal family while Trinity was placed under house arrest. Though neither James or his father were found guilt, James's older brother was hanged on charges of theft and treason against the crown of the Eastern Kingdom.

James Brandon in 1799

In 1799, James Brandon was once again arrested on suspicion of treason but this time with evidence. Rumours had started to rise at court that James and his father were planning to overthrow King John and put Trinity on the throne instead. When Lord Mercer found written evidence to support the rumours, James was arrested and brought before the royal council where he was found guilty. He was locked away in the tower.

Final hoursEdit

James spend two weeks in the Tower, awaiting to the executed. Though he was not a religious man, he was to have prayed most of of the time he spend in prison.

Death and burielEdit

James Brandon was executed by beheading in 1779. King John had failed to have organised any kind of funeral or even provide a proper coffin for him. His body lay on the scaffold for some time before a man (believed to be working inside the tower) found an empty arrow chest and placed his head and body inside. He was then buried in an unmarked grave in the Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula.