King Louis the Second

Full name:

Louis Dieudonné De Lesseps


March 20th, 1774


June 30, 1823


Prince, King


King Florence the First (father), Clarrise of Hemmera (mother), Gustave De Lesseps (younger brother), William De Lesseps (younger brother, deaceased), Dannielle De Lesseps (younger sister), Paris De Lesseps (younger brother), Nicole De Lesseps (younger sister), Maria De Lesseps (younger brother), Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova (wife), Louis (son), Anne Élisabeth(daughter), Marie Thérèse (daughter), Philippe Charles (son), Louis François (son)

Portrayed by:

James Frain

King Louis the Second (1774-1823) was the King of the Territory of the South and the sworn enemy of the Immortals.


Early life Edit

Louis Dieudonné De Lesseps, who was given his title as heir at birth, was born in the Palace of Ville Rose in the Terrritory of the South on March 20th, 1774. Out of the seven De Lesseps children from King Florence I and his wife Clarrise of Hemmera, Louis was the eldest.

A strong and healthy boy, although very shy, Louis excelled in his studies and had a strong taste for Latin, history, geography, and astronomy, and became fluent in Italian, Russian and English. He enjoyed manual activities such as hunting with his father and rough-playing with his younger brothers, Gustave and Paris.

When his younger brother William was murdered by the Immortals in the summer of 1785, Louis's behaviour changed rapidly. The once warm-hearted, intelligent young boy became distant from his relatives, often scolding at them or ordering them and servants around. He became cruel, earning him the name "Cruel Prince Louis". He ignored his studies and began training himself in sword-fighting, horse and military techniques.

Rise to powerEdit

In 1788 when Louis was fourteen, his father arranged him to be married to the eldest daughter of King John Beckett of the Eastern Kingdom, Princess Virginia. Together with his parents and sisters Dannielle and Marie, Louis travelled with a company of 100 servants to the Kingdom. A devoted Catholic, Louis was very much against the marriage to a Protestant princess but as it was his duty, he did not date object.

King Florence De Lesseps died in the winter of 1793. Nineteen year old Louis now had sole right to the throne and wasted no time. He was crowned King of South in Ville Rose in a splendid ceremony in 1794. Ruthless and ambitious, the young King ordered his army to double and his fleet to expand, raises taxes to pay for it. Louis fell out of favour quickly doing so though no one dared challenge the King. He had a terrible temper, scolding at everyone and order the deaths of traitors.