Trinity Beckett
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Trinity Beckett in 1796

Full name:

Trinity Scarlett Jordan Julie Mary Beckett


January 24th, 1780


June 17th, 1814

Also known as:

Trin, Triny, the Traitor Princess


Princess of the Eastern Kingdom, Lady


King John Beckett (father), Queen Katherina Florence (mother), Virginia Beckett (older sister), Gwendolyn Beckett (younger sister), Charles Beckett (younger brother), Edward Bradley (husband), Peter Bradley (son), Vesper Mary Jane Bradley (daughter), Edward Bradley Jr (son)

Trinity Scarlett Jordan Julie Mary Beckett (1780-1814) or more commonly known as the Traitor Princess was the second daughter and child of King John Beckett and Queen Kate Florence. She was executed by order of her father in 1814 in T'Harlum City.

Early life (1780-1789)Edit

Trinity Beckett was born on January 24th, 1780 at ten o'clock in the morning at T'Harlum Court, T'Harlum to the King and Queen. Said to have been a very weak and pale baby, her father was disappointed by the birth of his second daughter for she was neither strong or a beauty like her older sister Virginia.

Despite her terrible relationship with her father, young Trinity grew up into a smart, beautiful woman that stood out in the halls of the court. Unlike her sisters, Trinity was no beauty with her pale skin, long neck and rav
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Lady Elizabeth and Princess Trinity

en dark hair and eyes. She send a great deal of her time with her cousin, Lady Elizabeth who's family was highly in favour with her father as Elizabeth's mother had been the sister of the King.

She caught the eye of James Mackenzie, a man of high class that was a member of the King's council. Though Trinity seemed uninterested in James himself, she welcomed the friendship he gave her.

At the age of nine, Trinity helped a wanted pirate escape from jail whom would become known as James Brandon, son of the feared Captain William Brandon. Though James escaped, Trinity did not and was burned on the wrist by her father right-hand man, Lord Anthony Mercer and lost her title as Princess. She was now Lady Trinity.

The Ruby (1789-1798)Edit

Alone and dishonoured, Trinity fled her home in fear of her own life, carrying nothing more then a sword for protection and changed her name to Scarlett which was her second name. Not even James Mackenzie knew where the young girl had gone.

She was however found by James Brandon whom persued his father to let Trinity onto his ship, the Ruby. Little of Trinity's life on the pirate ship is known as most of the documents about the ship were distroyed many years later. She was said to be have been very found of the seas, growing to love them and sail them with passion. She mastered the sword during her time and developed a close bond with James. Until she was 16, Trinity would never set foot on land again.

In 1798, James Mackenzie, whom had rosen in favour with her father, had been send by the queen to find Trinity whom was rumoured to have been kidnapped. James found Trinity with James Brandon on the ship that was docking an island near the Territory of the South. James Brandon and his father were arrested for kidnapping a member of the royal family, even when Trinity begged James not to do so. Trinity herself was placed under house arrested and lost her title as Lady.

Return to T'Harlum (1796-1800)Edit

In 1796 at the age of 16, Trinity returned to court with force by Mackenzie. Though her father did not approve, Trinity was welcomed back by her sister Gwendolyn and her brother Charles with open arms. Her mother too was happy to see her and secured a position in her sister, Virginia's household where Trinity was to work as a maid.
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Trinity, as a maid, prays for mercy

As a maid to her sister, Trinity had little rights. She was no longer a high member of the court and thus the maids took advantage of that, often making her do the diry work or blame her when the King was not pleased. By doing so, Trinity shut herself away from everyone she knew, even the people she had once trusted with her life out of fear that they might mistreat her as well.

In the summer of 1799, Trinity seemed to rise in favour again. Her mother had pleaded with her father whom had agreed to reinstate her as a Lady, making her a lady-in-waiting to the Queen. Under the watchfull eye of her mother, Trinity's life seemed to improve as she was no longer a servant for the other maids to use to their own advantages though Trinity barely seemed to have time to relax. She always had to watch her back as her father and many other members of the court would of loved to seen her executed for treason.

When James Brandon was hung for treason with his father after being accused of plotting to overthrown the King and put Trinity on the throne, Trinity fell under suspicion by many members of the court that she too had taken part in the plot to make her Queen of the Eastern Kingdom. Pleased with the news against his daughter, King John banished Trinity from court under pain of death if she should ever dare to return.

Yrogre City (1800-1810)Edit

Out of fear for her own life, Trinity fled T'Harlum City and left for the of Yrogre that was the home of her brother's to-be wife, Cecillia.