Virginia Beckett
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Virginia Beckett
Biological information
Born November 16, 1778
Also known as The Geetle Queen
Title(s) Princess of the Eastern Kingdom, Queen of the Northlands
Physical information
Gender Female
Race Human
Hair colour Naturally blonde but red dyed
Eye colour Grey
Family information
Family member(s) King John Beckett (father), Queen Katherina Florence (mother), Lady Trinity Beckett (younger sister), Princess Gwendolyn Beckett (younger sister), Prince Charles Beckett (younger brother), King Tristan Xen (husband), Theodore Xen (son)
Weapon(s) owned None
Affiliation The Eastern Kingdom
Known abilities None
Behind the scenes
First appearance The Beckett's
Last appearance Virginia: The Gentle Quene
Portrayed by Rachel McAdams

Virginia Lisa Rachel Jane Pepper Beckett (1778-1811), sometimes referred to as Virginia Xen or the Gentle Queen, was the Princess of the Eastern Kingdom as the daughter of Queen Katherina Florence and the wife of Tristan Xen, Prince of Northlands She died of childbed fever in 1811 less than two weeks after the difficult birth of her only child. A son called Theodore Xen.

Early life and growning up at courtEdit

Virginia Beckett was the first child and daughter to 'King John Beckett and his wife Queen Katherina Florence. 'She was also the older sister of Trinity (The Traitor Princess) Gwendolyn and King Charles Beckett. She was born on November 16th, 1778 at T'Harlum Court, Eastern Kingdom. Quickly after her birth, Virginia was named Princess of the East and next in line for the throne. At a young age, Virginia was a well known beauty throughout the kingdom. The young Princess quickly blossomed into a beauty young woman whom was loved by all the knew her or heard of her.

One man in particular fell under the spell of the princess' beauty. Theodore Groves a man with neither wealth nor power caught the eye of Virginia during a royal ball given for her sixteenth birthday. Despite their rank difference, the two became close friends and especia
Notebook 106

Virginia finds herself falling in love with a commoner called Theodore Groves

lly Groves developed feelings for the other. Groves' close friendship with the Princess seemed to pay of for him as Virginia granted him a good position in the King's household and made him captain in the navy. Theodore Groves was perhaps Virginia's only true love.

Virginia Beckett's childhood has often been described as that of a fairytale princess. A beauty palace to life in, ladies to serve her, hundreds of gowns, jewels and shoes, Virginia's life seemed perfect to most though her childhood was not. Her father's temper and hate made Virginia fear him, causing her to obey and do whatever he told her too, even if she was against it.

East vs SouthEdit

At the age of nineteen, Virginia Beckett was arranged to marry the heir to the South throne, Louis De Lesseps, in order to stop the continuous war between the Eastern Kingom and the Territory of the South. Despite the fact that the young princess was extremely attracted to the cruel Prince and seemed to head over heels in love with her closest friend Captain Theodore Groves, she agreed to the arranged marriage never the less.

In the summer of 1780, the royal family of France arrived at the T'Harlum court. A grand ball was given to present Virginia to her future husband. Immediately when she saw the Prince, Virginia was disgust but did not speak up as her father presented her to Florence the First, King of the Territory of the South, his wife Clarrise of Hemmera and their children. The ball was rumoured to have been place where Charles first saw Dannielle De Lesseps whom was

Louis De Lesseps threatens Virginia

Virginia's closest female friend and a maid in her household in the Eastern Kingdom. Whatever she was part in the plot or it was luck, the plans to marry Virginia to Louis were broken only months later.

When her brother had an affair with Dannielle De Lesseps in 1809 and she bore his child, the relationship between the two kingdoms grew worse. Louis, whom was now King of South, ordered war on the Eastern Kingdom after Christian's real father was discovered. Fearing the life of his sister, Charles send Virginia to Theodore's home that lay outside the city of T'Harlum close to the sea. Virginia would spend the next few weeks there with him, growing more and more close, more and more in love. The two were said to have shared their first kiss but kept it at that. When Virginia returned to court in the fall, King Cutler was furious to find out his daughter had stayed with a common man. Virginia lost her right as heir to the throne and Groves was banished under pain of death. Devastated, Virginia disappeared from the public eye.

Marriage and life in the NorthEdit


Tristan Xen and Virginia marry

Virginia returned to the public life in 1810 when the King made a public announcement that his eldest daughter was to marry the Prince of Northlands, Tristan Xen. More beautiful then she had ever been, Virginia and Tristan married in T'Harlum only days later. Neither Theodore Groves or her sister Trinity attended the ceremony.

Her life in Iceland was dangerous. Queen Brunnhild, Tristan's mother, was very much against Virginia and her family, wanting to overthrow them. Virginia's beauty and grace drew attention from the court members whom seemed more found of the Eastern princess then the Queen herself. Brunnhild made continuous threats against Virginia and Tristan but never succeeded.

Birth of Theodore XenEdit

In 1811, Virginia became pregnant of her first child. During her pregnancy, she developed a craving for quail which Tristan ordered for her from Clais and Flanders. She went into confinement in September of 1811 and went into labour in October. The labour was difficult for the princess, lasting two days and three nights, probably because the baby was not well positioned. Virginia gave birth on October 12, 1811 to a healthy baby boy and heir to the Iceland throne which she and Tristan named Theodore Xen. Virginia never recovered from the difficult birth. She died on October 24th, 1811 in Iceland.


Virginia's body was returned to the Eastern Kingdom and she was buried in St. George's Chapel in T'Harlum after a funeral in which her brother Charles (later King Charles Beckett) acted as chief mourner. Virginia was the only Princess of ever to receive a Queen's funeral. The following inscription was above her grave for a time:

Here lieth a Phoenix, by whose death '

Another Phoenix life gave breath:

It is to be lamented much

T'he world at once ne'er knew two such.

After her death, Tristan wore black for the next three months and never remarried. Theodore Groves whom died five years later, never married and was later buried beside Virginia by order of her brother, King Charles.


Virginia's gentle and kind nature would earn her the title as the Gentle Queen even though she never officially was one. Her own son and child, Theodore, would reign the Northlands for 40 years, creating peace with the Eastern Kingdom in doing so.